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  • AnonymousWhy are you so gay
  • I really couldn’t tell ya bud

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Holy Holy (Ft. Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid)

Vic Mensa
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  • actinidixHi. I would appreciate it if you could take "feminist" off of your bio. Because you're clearly anti-women. Thank you, from a woman and an actual feminist. <3
  • kill-the-fucking-christian

    no, your fucking stupid, i am anti dumbfuckery, and if you agree with these libertarian sexist fucks , your the non feminist here

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    I have two full ride scholarships under my belt and was accepted into a nuclear engineering program, as well as graduated in the top 5% of my class and speak enough of 6 languages to survive in their respective nations. I think I’m far from stupid.

    Two studies done by Quantitative Crimiology and Social Problems by Kleck and Lizotte state that

    …concludes that “resistance with a gun or knife is the most effective form of resistance for preventing completion of a rape”; this is accomplished “without creating any significant additional risk of other injury.”

    So you’re for banning personal defense weapons, i.e. guns, meaning that you’re for the victimization of women. 
    Also, you’ve stated that gun ownership correlates with having a small penis. Thus, ownership of a gun is inherently masculine. So for someone who is a “feminist” (someone for the equality of genders), why are you genderizing inanimate objects and barring women from their usage?

    You’re a sexist asshole who resorts to insults because you have no real basis in argument. Please grow up. Also, I come from the metal capital of the world. And we don’t like your type lmfao haista vittu <3

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The M16A2 SBR. The reactions are because of how unbelievably loud it is indoors.


Not legally an SBR because it’s legally a machine gun.


Why isn’t it an M4? short barrel, adjustable stock, full auto.

Receiver was stamped M16A2. While maybe not legally an SBR, it’s still a short barreled rifle, which I was communicating to illustrate how loud it was.

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Shot an M16A2 SBR, MP5SD and an MP5 that I cant identify. The selector had Safe, Semi, and Two round burst with no full auto setting. Anyone know what it was?

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  • #MP5SD #MP5 #M16A2 #SBR
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If you are a human being and another human being decides that grabbing you and forcing you to submit to a sexual act is in their best interest, it is probably in your best interest to incapacitate that individual. All the hashtags and internet signs in the world won’t help…

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Every so often it just hits me how stupid the 2nd amendment is

Of course you hate the second amendment…. It’s American gun owner’s fault we killed so many of your countrymen and drove you out of our country during the revolutionary war. No one cares about your opinion of American gun laws. Enjoy your police state you limey fuck.

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Social Experiment: Reblog if you are American and know of at least one family member (distant or not) that owns a gun.


Statistically speaking if your family contains more than 3 adults there is a high likelihood you are related to someone who owns a gun because roughly 33% of Americans are firearms owners.

If we were talking about a country like Switzerland that likelihood would be even high since about 50% of their population are gun owners.

No one in my dirrect family owns any firearms(other than myself obviously) but I do have an uncle and a cousin who hunt and own firearms.

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If you honestly feel you need a gun to protect your self you’re a fucking coward.

So says an over-privileged and sheltered little child who lives in a safe neighborhood and knows nothing of the real world.

Don’t get too worked up over it, he’s an MRA. He’s got some things to grow up about still.

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"The Second Amendment is for MILITIAS, not individuals."

"What well-regulated militia are you a part of?"

"Well regulated means government regulation!"

"The commas mean its not an individual right!"

"No one needs a gun!"

"Your right to assault weapons doesn’t trump my right to feel safe."


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